Synth for live techno

hi everyone!! :joy:
I produce dark/industrial techno, I’m looking for a synth to use in live situation, i alredy own an OT and AR, and i would like to add something new.
In the currently scene, I’m very inspiring from Ansome, Karenn, Clouds… that play exactly the music and in the way I want…
In their live, they bring on the stage thousands of euro of modular…but I can’t afford this cost!! :dizzy_face:
My question is: could you guys, can suggest me a synth tha can cover this type of sounds? I’m not looking for a classic synth, something different … industrial and dark vibes… :angry:

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All synths can produce “industrial and dark vibes” - it’s more about the music than the particular synth.

You didn’t tell us the following important information:
[li]What’s missing from your music that you can’t make with your existing gear?[/li]
[li]Do you want a keyboard on your synth? If so, what’s your keyboard playing ability?[/li]
[li]Do you want a monophonic or polyphonic synth?[/li]
[li]Will you be happy running the output of the synth through the OT’s effects?[/li]
[li]What’s your budget?[/li]

at the moment from my currently set up I miss a real synth
yes I can use the samples in the OT but I want somenthing that has its own sound and you can manipulate in real time during a live.
I don’t need a keybord, and want it monophonic, thr budget is 500 euro, the used is okey.
yes, i would like sequence it with the OT, in the future i could buy some pedal fx, but for the moment, the ot’s fx are fine!!
I don’t want a classic moog,roland…sound … something more unconventional :joy:

My recommendation would be a DSI Evolver (desktop unit):

In fact, weren’t you thinking of buying one a few months ago?

I agree whole-heartedly with the DSI Evolver recommendation.
Loads of modulation destinations and sources that can give you a modular sound for just a few hundred $/€.

I use A4 in my live set and it has served me well. It goes very far for techno if you don’t mind paying a bit more.
BS2 a good alternative as well.

Other ideas:
[li]Dreadbox Erebus[/li]
[li]Doepfer Dark Energy[/li]
[li]Just few mdoules in a small lunchbox case?[/li]

bass station 2 would do :slight_smile: or even the volca keys hehe, anything really with a fast lfo that goes int othe audio range , thats where those magical metalic sounds are :slight_smile: but if you have a few more pennies i would really reccomend the boomstar se80 , what a synth !


For Techno you need an aggresive one: Waldorf Pulse, Arturia Micro/Mini Brute, Evolver… Try some FM options as well: Nord Micromodular/G1, Monomachine, DX200, TX81z…

you can make quite the ruckus with the microbrute.
also the moog minitaur would be sick.

and both a pretty small. all controls on the face.

both can be midi or CV/gate controlled.

no saving patches though. soo… that always depends on the person

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From what I remember when I owned the evolver, it wasn’t easy or fun to tweak in real time while playing. I don’t think it’s so great for what you’re trying to do.

Based on the examples above, I think you’d be better served by a cheaper/simpler synth and getting some pedals/processors to go with it. Processing is sooo important for that kind of experimental/dark style. A microbrute and a line6 m5 (or similar thing from someone else; I think Zoom makes something similar?) would fit your budget.

What I, personally, would do is get a used nord modular. But I’m crazy like that.