Synth Pop/ Synth Wave labels

Anyone know of any labels that still accept demos these days?
Synth pop, French house, synth wave genre?
Thanks in advance

Here are the few names that first come in my mind :

Minimalwave/Cititrax (US) (huge, you’ll be lucky if you can get in touch)
Dark Entries (US) (same as above :slight_smile:)
Teenage Menopause (FR)
Born Bad (FR)
Maybe Le Turc Mécanique (FR)
La Souterraine (FR), but it’s very “Chanson Française” with synth.
Serendip (FR), but they’re maybe more into VA.
Third Coming Records (FR), pretty new, the will probably answer. But maybe too dark for your music, I don’t know.
Enfant Terrible (NL) (huge aswell)

I’m still crying the end of Invasion Planete Rec.


Thanks for this list dude. Some labels on there I hadn’t checked out before and I found some nice french psych/pop straight away. Good stuff :slight_smile:

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All the pleasure is for me :slight_smile:
Did you check Invasion Planete ? I think it’s the ultimate french “wave music” label. “Le Syndicat Electronique” is so over the top, this guy is the game.

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Not yet, I’ll check it out later tho for sure. Thanks again!

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wow, thanks for this treasure trove of info man!
I’ll be doing some research on these guys tonight!