Synth Stand, from the ground up


Looking online for a synth stand to put next to my desk. The idea is to rest my performer on it in a way that I can still hover it over my desk if I need to.

Any ideas? I’d prefer looking at current solutions before going the diy route.

A picture to illustrate what I’m kind going for, this, but then the perfourmer on a stand on the ground:

A heavy duty music stand is the cheap and possibly close enough solution. A nice monitor arm with a laptop tray is the nicer solution.

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Oo, I don’t think of that. Like an arm with a vesa tray?

Exactly - tons of options on both arm & tray side. Pay attention to the arm’s capacity as you don’t want a light arm for the perfourmer or a gorilla arm for M:S.

Also, a variant of the music stand is the “projector stand”. Often they have a much smaller lip, sometimes on both long edges but otherwise operate similarly to music stands. Can be better for gear.

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I have my main pieces of gear on VESA arms and will never go back to any other solution. I can seamlessly convert from sitting to standing, pull gear closer when using, push it away when not, and leaves my desk free for keyboards, laptops, or my lunch.

I use a few of these.


Yup, laptop stands are great. I keep one around for gear that needs to move around the studio:


This one was a game changer for me, I was skeptical at first, but when I am looking at it, I can hardly believe what fits on it

How bout a mayo stand like dentists and doctors use? Adjustable height and legs only on one side so you could hover the entire thing over your desk if you wanted to

Sorry, any idea which brand is it? Can’t find proper one for my Buchla music easel, yours seems quite solid compared to those I see here.

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It’s a cheap OnStage laptop stand. I wouldn’t think it would be suitable for an Easel - it’s a bit too lightweight and far too small. I wouldn’t trust it with something as valuable as an Easel.

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