Synthesis help needed

I’m trying to recreate this classic sound which is used in a lot of techno tracks (main melody in the video) on the Analog four. But i can’t figure out how. Can a more experienced synthesist give me Some tips? Thanks.

Sounds like a sawtoth osc, with another saw an octave and a little apart (slight detune)
Close filt 1 quite a bit, cranck resonance up halfway, envelope amount about half in positive direction.

on filt env close sustain and set both decay and release to about 9:00 to 11:00 o’ clock.

Put some chorus, verb and delay on and you should be somewhat in the direction.

Tweak filt and filt env settings to taste (and keep tweaking!)
Alternatively yoy could route lfo1 to cutoff, with a freerunning mode, to add some movement.

I’ll try that tomorrow Thanks for the advice!!

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The sound is quite expressive … most of the time it’s staccato but there are longer tones sometimes. The sound compares to plucked instruments.

From the longer tones I would say … like @TBN … it’s based on a typical two VCO saw-tooth sound. Whether one is one octave above I can’t tell. But the sound is full and so I think detuning is a good idea.

Filter should be lowpass and could either be 12 dB or 24 dB. I would first try 12 dB, because the sound has quite some brightness.

The sound has definitely resonance and a filter sweep. But it’s not as extreme as for a funk or acid sound. The resonance seems to be well below self-resonance, the filter opens and closes quite quickly. But there is some sustain in the volume and release for filter and volume, which gives this impression of a plucked string having some sustain.

I think the trick will be to get the envelopes for filter and the volume modulated by velocity right. The step sequencer seems to make good use of it with rhythmic accentuation. This generates the dynamics of this tune.

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I’m haunted by this sound:

I struggle to find the right way to synthesize a sound that is close to this…
Any idea? Which box would you choose? DN or A4?

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If you mean the overall sound … I would say it’s done with something, which reminds me on my orchestral/cinematic sample libraries from NI Kontakt, particularly the stringy, glassy, and bellish sounds.

Maybe you could isolate the particular sound you are after?

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I’m talking about the sound at 0:40.
I’m failing to describe it with words, even in my native language ^^

Darkness, nightmare, muffled scream come to mind…

Tough one :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds like something like a violin with fx processing


I agree with @Unifono … such sound I would try to create with NI Thrill …

Sounds like a swarm oscillator. Either the A4 or DN playing sawtooth in unison with random fine pitch modulation. The peak filter on the A4 might be useful in sculpting the tone but the main thing is that cluster of oscillators imo

Hearing that sound and reading your description, this popped into my head immediately (not synthesis tho). Some of the very first sounds in this video are in the same ballpark, methinks.


I love that series. so bummed they cancelled it. or basically did anyway.

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