Synthetic Landscape (Analog Four + Digitone EP)

Hi nauts,

Made a little EP using the A4 and Digitone Synths which I hope you’ll enjoy.

Music and Programming: Rephazer
Video: Look to the Land by Encyclopaedia Britannica Films.
Performance: Elektron Analog Four and Digitone
Effects: Sm Pro Audio V-Machine (Wow & Flutter + Shimmer)
Recording: Behringer XR12

Link to the EP:

Thanks for watching/listening! Cheers


great stuff again. First track reminds me of Plait.
A4 and Digitone are such a cool combo

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Thanks for listening and your comment man! I am glad you like it.
I am so used to my samplers that it was quite a challenge to not use one this time haha.
They are both great devices and indeed fun to use together,


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well, the result is very inspiring

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Thank you very much! I am happy to read that :slight_smile:

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