Sysex Send ain't happening

So today I’m the lucky owner of an Analog Keys - couldn’t resist the discount + Guitar Centre’s additional ‘Blemish’ discount (seriously, there’s not a mark on it!)

To kick it into gear I wanted to Sysex dump all my A4 Sounds, Projects etc. to my computer and then across to the AK. But when i go to do it, C6 says it’s waiting to receive but when I press send on the A4 nothing happens.

I have the A4 plugged directly into my computer and USB is set to Midi mode (though it also didn’t work in Overbridge mode either).

Running the latest OS on the A4 and Mac. Even tried it with Sysex Librarian and still nothing.

It’s weird as I literally updated the A4 last weekend with the new OS and a bunch of sounds, and I can still send new sounds to the A4 via C6. I just can’t go from A4 back to C6. (A4 is set to Midi In & Midi Out on C6).

Any tips?


Some other software running that is interfering or stealing the USB midi ports?