Syx or audio?

im new to my analog rytm mk2 so I would like to ask this dump question if a pack containes both .syx file and audio wav samples both needs to be transferred to the rytm or if I just transfer the .sys it will include the audio waves too ?

It depends on the pack which presumably has instructions or a description of its contents.

Some packs (can’t recall which or whether elektron) are synthesis only and may occasionally include samples of the synth sound to be used instead or with other devices

Some sounds will be layered and will need both

Indeed: sysex contains the “programmation” of the Rytm.
This means not only the different parameters of “Sound” (synthesis parameter, filter, lfo, etc.) but also some Kits and example Patters, with even Scene and Perf macros, maybe.
And as @avantronica underlined it, some “Sounds” are using a sample that is layered with the synthesis parameters.

Btw Rytm is made is such a way that samples can be placed in any folder, they will be found.

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