"Tape looping" on the M:S and other samplers

Hi all!

I have recently borrowed a M:S and I just stumbled upon using it as a multitrack looper of sorts, by setting tracks to infinite sustain, loading up long samples, playing with sample start and length, all good fun.

My question is, is there any other gear better suited for this? My short experience with Elektron ( got a M:C which I do love to bits still) is that the workflow tends to steer in a different direction, so I’m wondering if there are any alternatives I should consider before I invest in a M:S.

Perhaps something with more precise sample editing, or more memory, or more fx, or more modulation, or even granular sampling, or… ?

Thanks in advance!


Not sure if you just mean hardware gear, but if you have an iphone you should look at the sampler called Koala. You can have up to 64 samples, it’s super easy to trim and edit samples. Cool effects and you can give the samples envelopes, loop them, etc.

When it comes down to creative sample workflows using looping, dynamic sampling and resampling and exploring all kinds of crazy sound mangling stuff the obvious hardware answer is the Elektron Octatrack.

But it’s plays in a completely different league as the M:S regarding price, features, handling.

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Have you heard of the Octatrack?