Taste of Certain Features - new Elektron Box counter thread

after you visited the new elektron box 2016 thread, come to this thread and leave a comment about how you think elektron synthesizer features would taste…

how does a plock taste?

how does a trigless trig taste with an LFO

how does a AM leave an aftertaste

ADSR and its use for deserts

FXs, more than just a fashion statement

individual track lengths, is that sexist

polyphony, is it worth the loss of tracks

only 1 rule: no teasers!

looking forward to reading your taste butts

After owing the Octatrack for a month now, I’d love to see an updated version that has a more streamlined layout. Compared to the AR and A4 it’s extremely hard to use. Also 6op FM!

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I think the machinedrums SSR tastes like dribbling honey.

Rytms new kick drums are like makin’ bacon pancakes, conditional trigs make me go boom boom.

A4 pads with Perf macros set to OSC sync, filter cutoff, PWM, and sub OSC engage…

Tastes like a nice rare seared tuna steak with garlic mashed potatoes and a white wine shiitake Dijon sauce, dusted with pink sea salt (not that Himalayan pink mined crap).
Unison engaged means an extra ounce of butter under the fish.

My MD tastes like tartare, raw hashed meat with some special sauce, yellow egg and pickles.
When ingredients glue together you got the real taste of it an you’re not hungry for much more.


Mono digi pro - snow cones and blow

Analog 4 kicks - soft traditional dumplings that melt in your mouth

Analog 4 trumpet sound - jazz cocktails, smokes and bbq ribs

Analog four pad - honey comb New Zealand whey powder

The Analog Key’s joystick is like being served "liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti” :wink:

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