Technical surgery

Hello everyone, I bought a Digitone keys, less than 2 months ago and personally I find that the keyboard is very large, for the functionality I give it. My problem is size. I travel a lot and I like to carry the instruments on my back. And in some part my dream was to be able to move and travel with my sweet dream.
With which I would like a technical attention to see the possibility of reducing the keyboard leaving it in only one octave.
I have observed that there is a repetition on the keyboard and they are the roulettes on the left, which fulfill the same functionality as those on the right. Which would not change anything.
Is it possible to perform such intervention? It seems blasphemy, but I would change everything, I am a Traveler more than a musician. Thank you for your attention and advice.

Here is how would look like:

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have you considered selling it and just getting this?


I believe a traditional Digitone, non keys is what you’re looking for. Use the trig buttons as the keyboard, it’s one octave.


This is like using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut!

Just get a regular Digitone and something like a CME Xkey and voila!


Haha!! :flushed:

Don’t do this!!! Heresy!
Seriously, a standard Digitone offers all you need.


Follow your dream!


lmao at this


What you need to do:

Keep the Digitone keys. Get a regular Digitone. Use the keys in the studio- develop sets on the keys that have all the human action you need. Export your sets from the DNK and load the onto your standard Digitone. The two units share the same OS.

You could also, as others have suggested, sell the DNK and replace it with the DN, but i wanted to throw out an option to validate your purchasing the Keys


You mean the eight encoders? I’m sure they can be used independently from the encoders on the left so you would indeed lose some extra functionality.

Besides that, you could really just sell the Digitone Keys, buy the Digitone WithNo Keys and you’ll probaply have some extra money left to buy a keyboard controller.

No need for such ‘surgery’.

Also, have you already checked inside if that would even be possible?

The keyboard section has buttons and encoders so there‘s probably a circuit board somewhere in there. You‘d have to properly cut on the pcb and ensure everything works afterwards (dunno if the Digitone Keys software would work this way) so really no point in attempting such thing.

Why not build yourself a nice case or enclosure so you can attach a small keyboard controller to a Digitone?


that ‘after’ image has made my morning


Do it!

send it to me, I will do it for you! :sunglasses:

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The independent outputs for T1-T4 are obviously the real selling points. Instead of taking a saw to it and shorten it back down to 1 octave you could also hammer a nail in at both ends and wear it on stage like a guitar. Nice modding action going on here :wink:

this just shocked and at the same time made my day :joy: