Techniques for Multiple boxes for songs and live

Hi Guys,

Just wondering about how everyone likes to set up multiple elektron boxes for full songs and for live.

I’ve been going through iterations as I pick up more boxes. Originally I just had an OT, which was the main brain, sequencing a virus and being the drums/master effects.

Then I got a MM and started writing songs primarily on that, with the OT being sample playback and master effects.

Now I have a RYTM, and I like the idea of using all three, they sound great when I have both running into the OT, it’s surprising how punchy and clear the drums sound even when using quite a large frequency range on the MM.

I could do the pure Elektron way, and have multiple prepared patterns and switch them manually live. But I also like to sing and play lead lines on guitar and keys when playing live, which means I like to pre-sequence a certain amount of content. I like song mode, but it really relies on every box using the same pattern numbers, or you disable program change, and you create duplicates of song mode on each box for the various parts. Alternatively I could use an external sequencer to be the master program changer, which is doable, but I like to minimise my live gear as much as possible, because I already use so much.

Are there any tricks people are using to keep things flowing in a live situation while not being hands on all the time. Neat ways of using foot pedals etc to change between parts of a song. I heard that the A4 has a key->program change option, which would be amazing if i could sequence that on the MM or OT, but I couldn’t see anything like that in the RTYM manual.

Or am I just being too ambitious. Should I just make backing tracks and just play them back on the OT like a big faker?

As much as advice on my particular situation, I am curious to hear what everyone else does. Talk about your rig, your techniques, signal flow, etc. Recommendations on hardware sequencers that play nice with elektrons. (no cirklon). Share pictures, anything you like. I am interested in a discussion.