Techno/Acid live (A4 + OT + x0xb0x)

Recorded this saturday under a sunny sky :slight_smile:

cool setup, great relaxed track with pro sound! keep it up coming!

This is beautiful! I really dig the balance of the sounds in the mix… great job- I can’t stop listening. And a really nice arrangement to top it off, very very nice. I’ll definitely be listening to this more than once. thanks for the share.

me wants… x0xb0x

Great Stuff !

This was really nice! You really make a minimal setup shine.

I blush!

Thank you :kiss:

Fuck man great set… Better than some BoilerRoom sets I have heard… Your mix is tight… How long you prep for that set?

Listening right now, this really grooves. If you don’t mind, please enable downloads :slight_smile:

Well done man !!!

Watched the vid, cool performance.

awesome !

Nice listening.

Cheers! This is going to sound horrible… I did the majority (like 80%) of the work during 3 days before the party.

Done :slight_smile:

What i like most is that your face really reflects the fun you have during the performance.
Lovely vibe. Sweden?

It was fun indeed! Yes, Sweden.

Damn, going hard in the second video ! Acid banger ! Sweeeeeettttt !!

Not horrible at all quite the feat actually… Ya know the best things happen under pressure…