Techno bassline for a newbie

Hi everyone,

I’ve been listening to this amazing track on SoundCloud:

I’m really captivated by the bassline and I’d love to recreate it. However, I’m a bit lost when it comes to the exact notes and techniques used. Could anyone help me break down this bassline or provide some tips on accurately reproducing it? I’m open to any suggestions and resources. Thanks in advance for your assistance!

It sounds like the first note has a slower filter attack than the subsequent notes rather than a slide. The pattern doesn’t start on the 1 either

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it’s also got a triplet feel if I’m not having auditory hallucinations.

actually maybe it’s just in my head… the length of the rest in the sequence is throwing me off

What devices are you using? daw?
If you have an empty 16 step sequence the bass notes are playing on steps 2, 4, 7, 9, 11, 15. (The kick is on 1, 5, 9, 13).
A bit of swing/shuffle, not too much though.

It’s a quite “normal” bass sound, a bit of lopass filter on it.


…try 16th grid solution…root is c…on the off/and accent, which is kind of the starter of that bassline, u go down to A sharp (the next black note below ur c)…keep in mind, downbeat one is not played here…so it’s A sharp… first note on off/and accent position (still part of the beat measure before, so to say) followed by 2 C notes in 16th grid, while skipping first downbeat…that’s 3 notes on heavy repetition riding along with doubled 16th accents on those C’s from time to time, on a classic straight forward four to the floor downbeat…tempo is around 140…little overall swing amount…


I think the notes are just C C C Bb.

Man, it’s weird to type out notes… We need staff paper formating on the forum


Thanks yall for the help !! Boss !

I will try to experiment.

Im using Ableton, and DT+DN combo

Ok, so you have an elektron with 16 visible steps. That makes it a bit easier.