Techno Jam Session


we just recorded a Techno live-set, you can find it on soundcloud:

It’s neither well-prepared nor perfectly equalized, but yet it contains pretty cool parts.

Maybe you like it :slight_smile:


Lite this one quite a lot!

Mostly “jam” implicates “chaos”, but this listens as a nice techno-mix :slight_smile:

Did you do any post-processing? It sounds good!

Yes there are some really good parts in there, nice transitions

What gear did you use? I know the AR but what else?

soundcloud says: “A live session with Elektron Hardware: 2x A4, 2x AR, 1xOT, and mixing with Allen&Heath XONE92.”

Nice one, like it.

The set does indeed contain some repetitions, as you said. I would suggest to copy your patterns several times, change kits, slightly change grooves, or just add some scenes that convert the patterns into something different. Anyways, most people probably won’t even recognize repetitions.

EDIT: listening to set again in the background. without ‘analytical listening style’ I don’t recognize any repetions etc. anymore. what a relaxing, smooth set, well done!