Techno Liveset with Elektron setup (+Video)

I recorded my new Techno liveset that I played last weekend. Setup is Digitakt, Analog Rytm & Analog Four. FX by Eventide & Strymon, Mixed with Mackie 1202.

Download at Soundcloud is enabled.


Sounds like old Chris Liebing stuff (in a good way)

Thank you for making the download available, this is going on my phone :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend !

That’s really good!!
Would love to find how the setup is connected and routed.

Solid and groovy. :fire::dancing_women::dancing_men::dancing_women::fire:

Good stuff! I enjoyed that!

Thank you!
I have a very simple setup here. All instruments go to the Mackie with a stereo channel. The Timeline Delay is on send 1 and the Eventide Reverb on send 2. Midi routing is Analog Rytm as master and then -> Digitakt -> Analog Four -> Timeline.


Very nice.
4 to the floor, dark enough, steady and minimal.

How is the Mackie 1202?

Would you recommend?