To all the Rytm owners, is it normal, that the unit gets very hot, during an hour of work? I have some analog machines, but this one is hotter than any other.

Mine has not reached a temp that would make me think anything is weird. Definitely not hot enough to make a thread voicing my concern.

How hot are we taking? Warm to the touch or supposed it’s not spitting out smoke?

if it does get hot but not enough to cook an egg on it, i won’t get much worried :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: there’re a lot of analog components in there so heat is pretty much normal … a wee fan could help perhaps, mmm like one of those found in computers :thinking:

Are you using a stand or sidepanels screwed to the units sides by any chance? The AR has ventilation holes on both ends.

I’ve only had the AR for less than a week but I never noticed any heat whatsoever…

It’s hot but not as hot as the Analog Four :slight_smile:

using AR and A4 side to side the AR gets hotter, but not alarmingly hot

OT and MD remain usually VERY cool

I keep a lot of cold beer around it. It’s cool then.

It’s not as hot to burn, but it’s very warm, like a laptop when he works too long and all the keys you feel are warmer. Elektron Support told me it is normal. Well I got the hottest hardware in my studio :wink:

i noticed my unit got very warm at first, when i had only pulled it out of the box and was using it on the table. my plans were to rack mount it, and i found that the rack ears completely cover the vents on the side.

this concerned me a little, so i contacted support about it. they said it shouldn’t be an issue as long as there is one inch between the AR and other equipment.

i have it in an open rack now (with the vents completely blocked) and it actually runs cooler than it did sitting on the table, with the vents unblocked. go figure. this may be due to the open space around it and a nice ceiling fan consistently circulating the air around it.

i think i would grow concerned if it was in a closed rack space with lots of other hot equipment around it.

Could it be that heat is causing sounds to change? Some of my sounds had changed, especially bass sounds. Heavy ones suddenly sounding very thin and i know i didn’t alter these kits. Just as i was seriously starting to question myself, the pattern that was playing had the bass altered for a second, a wobble changing it’s cut-off values. I wasn’t touching the unit and there was no LFO active.

I was already worrying a bit about the unit getting pretty hot, i can still keep my hand on it, but it gets very warm. Could the heat mess with the analog circuitry perhaps? Anybody else experience the same?

After letting the unit cool down all is back to normal, but this behaviour has left me a little worried