Tempo change within song - how to

Hi there.
I’d like to make constant accelerando within song. E.g the song starts ftom 90 BPM and goes to 140 BPM. Is it possibile? In the other words how can I make a different tempo for each row in song mode (if possibile)
Or maybe is there any piece of hardware / software (don’t want to use DAW) that allows to program tempo changes (and transmits them as MIDI CLOCK) within one song
Thank you!


Each row in Octatrack’s Arranger can have a different BPM. It won’t be smooth or continuous (actually it can - see below), but each row could increase the BPM by one, so it would gradually increase with each new row. 256 rows max. I’m not sure how sophisticated the A4 song mode is tho.

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I think it can be very smooth, if you increase each 2 steps (use patterns portions with offset, length 2 steps).
A lot of rows needed!


Nice! I can’t remember off the top of my head - maybe you know more? But can BPMs be set with decimals too in OT’s Arranger? Like 90.5BPM for example?

Also, @sezare56, OP asked for other hardware suggestions that could do the job :slight_smile:

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Ah @craig I thought it was about OT!
And yes, possible to set decimals with knob A IIIRC. But I think 1 bpm can suffice.

The A4’s song mode doesn’t allow offsets/length AFAIK.
I’d try short patterns, 8 or 16 steps…

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Push temp and set a weight on the up button and let it count by decimals. It takes a little while to get from 90 -140


Thank you guys!
I dont own OT, nor know tis instrument - is “the arranger” something like “song mode”
I don’t think A4 has the same funcionality, or maybe I missed something.
What about Digitakt - can someone confirm/ deny that funcionality?

I had a look at A4’s manual. Doesn’t seem possible to the level of detail as described for OT. Digitakt saves tempo per pattern, so each one could be used purely for tempo changes. But there’s no song mode on DT. You can chain patterns but this might be a nightmare to set up, plus the chains can’t be saved

Edit: and yes, OT Arranger is essentially its Song Mode by another name :slight_smile:


so it is strange 'cos sequencer funcionality are very similar in all Elektron machines. But unfortunatelly I didn’t found a way to put another tempo for each row in A4’s song mode…
Thank You very much Craig!

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@ksamus, how many patterns, what lengths?
Did you try wuth A4, increasing bpm at each pattern?
Imho it can work decently with one bar patterns.
You can work on a 4 bars pattern, and divide it in 4 (pattern copy/paste, shift trigs with fn+ arrows, reduce length to 1 bar).

Not strange. Octatrack was released before Analog Four, and it’s song mode is closer to Machinedrum (and Monomachine probably).

OT didn’t have trig conditions at release, there were implemented later, at MKI release, same OS, with a little menu diving; you can’t select several trigs…
These features exists since Analog Four MKI, newers Elektron sequencers are very similar.
MnM and MD are different, OT is in between.

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Did you try wuth A4, increasing bpm at each pattern?
Imho it can work decently with one bar patterns.
You can work on a 4 bars pattern, and divide it in 4 (pattern copy/paste, shift trigs with fn+ arrows, reduce length to 1 bar).

The thing is:
I need to make constant accelerando within the song. It is always the same pattern, the same kit (e.g. G1) running faster and faster. It dosn’t metter how many bars. Lets say 32, and actually I don’t need tempo changes very smooth .
Could you elaborate step by step how can I change tempo per line in song mode? I tried using arrows/ fn to get tempo line editable but without success.

To changing temo in “studio work” is no problem of course, because of using DAW, but in live situation I don’t want to use any DAW at all, so trying to find out the solution.

I’m not very familiar with A4/AR song modes.
I just had a look, I thought it was possible to set tempo per row or chain event. No sure anymore. If someone can shime in…

Should be doable with several patterns (copy/paste the same one if you wish), with per pattern tempo, setting a different tempo for each one.

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If per pattern tempo is possible (I’m not sure, sold my AK ages ago), then you should be able to copy the pattern you’re using multiple times with a different tempo for each one (gradually increasing ofc), then use the A4 song mode to switch patterns however fast you want to increase the tempo. The problem would be that if you’re tweaking the patterns live, because the pattern switches would remove your latest changes afaik.

Tempo per pattern is possible with last 2 updates.

Theoretically not with the same kit.

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Could chop the pattern up as well so bar 1/4 is pattern A01, bar 2/4 is pattern A02 for a bit more control

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