Tempo changes between tracks in live techno set

Am trying to work out the best method of moving between songs in my live techno set when using my OT and Rytm and mono synths being sequenced via OT.

There are massive jumps, more like 123bpm to 125bpm up ton127 nom back to 125 bpm etc…

Generally in between tracks the mono synths have stopped and so it will mostly be transitions when the Rytm drums or loops on the OT are running.

Is fine adjustment of the tempo knob my best bet? Is there another option?

Use the arranger

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I wish you would change your avatar it’s making me cross eyed and convinced I’m going blind :grin:



lololol in your case. :slight_smile:

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i’ve got some hardcore techno out on vinyl that have a 40 bpm change in them so i would not worry about 2-5 bpm mate, don’t stress it, just do it :smiling_imp:

i would use the arranger unless i really wanted to control it myself but certainly if live i would use the dial, if no midi is being sent and it is a performance surely just use the dial and then reach a pause/drop whatever you call it and get back to the desired tempo, if using midi then defo use the arranger as it will be a smoother transition across time for you BUT perfection is not always the best

try the methods available and see the reactions you/they prefer

Yeah I’m stressing too much. It’s for the live set and I’m sure the dial is the easiest and best method. Silly question really :upside_down_face:


If it helps you can hold function while you change the tempo and that way the clock won’t change until you release the function button…


nice. didn’t know that

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