Tempo instability Digitakt with logic X

My Digitakt is receiving clock via USB from logic but the tempo is not stable and causes distorsion to the sound.
For example, if it’s set to 107 on logic, it will be fluctuating between 106.7 to 107.3 on the digitakt.
Does anyone knows what’s wrong in my settings ?
I recorded the issue :

Thanks a lot.

That’s happened to me before with Logic. Are you looping sections in Logic when it happens?

I’ve found that if I play a normal timeline in Logic, the midi is stable, but when I loop a section, my AR mk2 and DT midi clocks go all jittery.

Possibly something to do with the midi clock setting in the Logic midi preferences.

Ableton works fine with Elektron kit via USB midi.

Thanks Jimbo
It’s more stable when it’s not cycling but still…

Uff da. It seems like Logic is not as midi friendly as it pretends to be. My band and I fought with Logic and my electribe sampler for a good hour and a half and could not make them sync.

However, i also get slight tempo fluctuations when syncing my digitone to the octatrack. Hasn’t caused any problems yet, but I wonder…

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IThe +/-.5 bpm fluctuation is the product of an over accurate midi display. There should be no noticeable effect audio wise.
IMO I did not hear anything wrong in the video.

It should also be noted that DAW are not particularly known for have super stable midi clocks. And if it really does bother you you may want to try slaving logic to the digitakt as the result may appear to be more stable.


I hear ya :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve heard complaints about most DAW midi clocks. Glad to know the fluctuations are “normal.”

The fluctuations are due to midi spec, not your DAW.

FL12 is also all over the place…i have a few devices that show acurate bpm and they all fluctuate when FL12 is the master…when another device is master they are all rock solid. My emu xl1 shows the same +/_ as my DT…its DAWS they are sloppy…at least you have DAW that can be slaved…FL cant…

Nothing wrong in the sound of the video but there is a kind of distortion when the fluctuation is large, especially with the sound coming from the analog 4, sequenced with the digitakt.

I heard it’s a pain in the ass to slave logic to the digitakt…

DAWs definitely don’t have accurate MIDI clocks. I get the same kind of tempo fluctuations when slaving my DT to Ableton Live.

Anyone have any info on how to do this?

Alternatively, any suggestions for a VST based clock that wont break the bank?!

Having the same issue as described here and it’s really tough to work with when making quantised electronic music for mixing…