Tempo sync works via usb, not via midi?

Hi Everybody,

Has anybody experienced this: I synced my DT via midi to Ableton Live and regardless of the tempo in live, it started showing 300BPM as tempo.
Then I changed by syncing through usb and everything worked fine?

I know midi has its limitations and I am using a midi express via a long usb cable into a 3m midi cable, but I am not sure if this is the sole cause of this problem. I hope to check if it is a problem with my other midi gear too.

Thanks in advance!

Dennis WR

how long is the usb cable?

that would be the quickest and easiest physical item to try changing

Thanks for the suggestion! Hmm, pretty sure its at least 5-7 meters. Cant seem to find another solution as my rack is a bit further away from my computer. But if needed I Will shorten it.
I Will give it a try!

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removing cover from ironing board then placing rack on that would make it mobile lol

lol, you have an ironing board in your studio?

actually the ironing board is my studio.


aah, the "iron"y …

i ll show myself out …