Temporary parameter changes

starting about 2:30 there are some effect functions as fills/build up to changes particularly at 3:22 & 3:46 i can’t tell if dateline is using a key combination (function while tweaking the parameter) or actually changing patterns to accomplish these build ups.

what i really want to do is be able to tweak some parameters and get back to my original setting. i do know i can use the classic/extended mode to accomplish this but in the process i’ll lose all p-locks.

i did search through the manual & a few other popular md resources and did not find an answer. i though i read about something like this, but between all my a4, ot, md, op-1 reading… things are fuzzy.

Mute and unmute tracks with control 8 machines
Use different values p-locked for the same parameter on different tracks.

so there is no modifier + parameter change combination that allows the adjustment to be temporary? and i’m imagining i read it? (dang it)

Sorry I didn’t fully read your original post correctly the first time.

Yes, you can do what you are after. Copy Pattern, alter it-paste(snaps back to original)-paste again(undo, back to altered), alter it some more-paste(back to original)-paste-paste. Each time you switch between paste and undo paste you can change the altered version again and it will be recalled for further alteration. This technique can be mixed with the function+Classic mode to get 3 variations in rotation. Copy-paste-paste also allows for trig changes.

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this is good.