TG-33 drum pack

I’ve just added this to the Files section:

I’ve been playing around with some old gear and decided to sample the drums from the Yamaha TG-33 Tone Generator module. There are some classic short kicks, noisy toms, nasty snares and sharp-edged 12-bit cymbals in this machine, as well as scratches, drips, breaking glass and oddball vocal outburts.

I sampled these on the Akai Force for convenience, and then created a Digitakt project with the samples loaded to the sound pool. I didn’t process them, other than trimming. Who am I to attempt to improve on what Yamaha have done here?

I think a lot of them work really well with the DT filter and FX. Sadly the stereo placement is lost along the way, and the original samples are too big to upload to the Files section - but if anyone’s interested, let me know and I’ll work out a way to make them available.

I’d like to also sample some of the instrument waves from the 33, but I’ll need to dig out the manual and refamiliarise myself with the editing functions first. But for now, please enjoy these cheesy PCM wonders.