Thank you for your service Elektronauts!

Just a relatively short message to the forum to say thank you for providing an exceptional resource and for giving it so much of your time, energy and expertise. I’ve been considering buying an Octatrack for a long time, but it’s expensive, and arcane, and peculiar, and while I mulled over that decision, I looked to this forum to make the most informed choice. Then about a week ago, I decided to buy an Octatrack, and I looked to this forum to decide whether I should buy a second-hand MKI or a MKII. Then the MKII arrived from Germany with it’s elliptical getting started manual and I wasn’t even really sure which way the flash card should be inserted, or when, before first run, after first run, after some initial install procedure, and so on, and I turned to the forum again to answer that question. Now, I’ve been hammering away at it obsessively for the last week and I have three resources for making this oddball device less of an enigma, less perversely organised, and more like the instrument it actually is, and needless to say this forum is on a par with the manual and Max Marco’s vid tutorials which are pretty damned awesome even if there isn’t enough of them. If it’s not in the manual, it’s in the Elektronauts forum. If it is in the manual, it is in the Elektronauts forum and it’s clear and actionable. Moreover, the forum answers all those asides and anxieties. Like, what can it really do that Ableton can’t or an MPC can’t? Man, that question was answered definitively!

To reiterate, thank you! This is a really, really awesome resource reminiscent of when the internet was like the Library of Alexandria rather than a platform for social media influencers and marketers and conspiracy theory quack jobs. I didn’t expect to enjoy learning the Octatrack. I was certain it was going to be like pulling teeth. But it has been quite the opposite. Thanks to this forum, the menu diving doesn’t seem at all bad, the directory structure makes a kind of crooked sense, the key combinations are already starting to feel like second nature, and I’m actually getting results from the damned thing when I thought I’d wind up spending months producing the kind of toy sounds that usually come out of tutorials. And better still, this forum has completely sidestepped the gear-head cultism that comes with music tech communities and helped me to see that the constraints Octatrack imposes actually illuminate the underlying technical problems of music in a quite surprising way. At this point, I better understand Ableton for example, because the Octatrack only gives you 3 LFOs and 8 tracks and now I know just how much you can actually do with even fairly elementary tools.

Anyway, I guess I’m waxing lyrical when all I really wanted to do was express a little gratitude for a community that keeps on giving and invariably goes above and beyond the call of duty. Keep up the good work everyone!


To me this is relatively long message :grinning: Just saying…


To me this ▽ is relatively wrong message :grinning: Just saying…


Welcome, @leonardmreidy :thup:


Yeah, it’s nice to know there are still places like this which are wealth of specialist information, not locked in to Facebook or similar, with a high quality of discussion (whenever I’ve look at Reddit it seems like everything descends into memes) and a friendly crowd. :ok_hand:

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Nothing wrong with that, I enjoyed reading i!

The “must be” goal of internet.

Thanks @PekeDorty! You should have seen the relatively middling message I was going to send and I won’t even get into the relatively long message I was mulling over! :laughing:

Agreed! And I think we almost had it there for awhile. Back in the mid-2000s, I could find pretty much anything I could ever think of! I used to spend weekends surfing online trying out the most arcane search parameters I could think of and at that point, Google never let me down. At one point, I had a hard-drive with more books and articles in it than all the libraries in Ireland. Admittedly, Ireland ain’t so big! But still, I doubt there has been any other time in history when so much knowledge was so freely available to anyone with a will and internet connection. So, when I found the Elektronauts forum, I got excited about the internets again. So again, thank you!

welcome on Board @leonardmreidy

You said it @tdmusic! I remember Reddit being a half-respectable resource at one point. Now it is one long screed of memes, Tik-Tok videos of anthropomorphised family pets and boring selfie-filters. This forum is in a league of it’s own and every minute I’ve spent here has been an education. It’s just too damned good. :smiley:

Thank you @William_WiLD! Pleasure to be here. :smiley:

Thanks @avantronica! Appreciate the welcome. :smiley:

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