The Abacusynth

The Abacusynth . I guess it’s primarily a drone machine.

To me this has the zeitgeist of a Theremin. I know we’ll get the standard posts here, “I’m not hearing this.” There i saved you the time.

The creator, Elias Jarzombek, is setting the hardware version of the Abacusynth up as a DIY project.

There is an on-line version of this tool, as well as a plug-in for Ableton Live

Hit Randomize after this page loads. Doesn’t seem to run well on my phone, but is fine elsewhere.

Expect more good things from Elias.


I would think the spinners might sustain their rotation better if the axis of rotation was vertical (most actual historical abaci I’ve seen are designed to lie flat on a tabletop, though, yes, it doesn’t quite look like an abacus if my suggestion is followed). I am reminded of the upscale wooden toys that were marketed when my children were young, more as display objects for the parents than for actual use by kids.


Here’s it done with colors.

I think there are bearings so it probably spins a long time with a natural decay.

Anyone addicted to fidget spinners ?

Didnt look into it, curious though, any puns about additive/subtractive synthesis?