The Amiga 1000 Operating System

Mac OS and Windows OS are pretty okay operating systems.

But they are tributes to the original fully rocking multi-tasking multi window environment of the 1985 Amiga 1000’s operating system.

I just think it is important to mention this.


Not to forget Marble Madness!


Oh, the audio soundtrack … the game dynamics … year 3000 next level.

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I wish I still had my Amiga. I may need to hunt one down on eBay now.


Deluxe Music for the win :smiley:


I learned how to use sequencing and MIDI with OctaMed on an Amiga 1200 in the 1990s (in fact, I recorded an album doing just that []) with the aid of a Kawai K1 and a bunch of samples.

This track was done entirely in OctaMed, then edited in Audacity a number of years later:

This was a piece where OctaMed provided the sample loop rhythm (the rest is the K1 and guitar by Iotar):

I still have the A1200, now housed in a (vastly oversized - the only case that the A1200 mobo will fit) server tower complete with GFX card and a 16-bit soundcard - but it’s in storage, so I haven’t used it in years.

But I learned a huge amount from using OctaMed.


That’s pretty much how I started also, I think it is why I gel with Elektron boxes so much, the company roots really show.

One thing to say “Bars and Pipes” x

Never actually tried it more than once.

I was a Deluxe Music and Deluxe Video fanatic

Just FYI , best music tracker for amiga is protracker 2.3 :slight_smile:

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Did elektron make a tracker back in the day?

No idea on that, pretty sure they were in the demo scene though.


Craziest maschine at the time, I think it was 1985/86 when I got a 2000 at first, later a second hand 1000. I remember when I got a 20MB (!) harddrive running on a card that emulates an IBM-PC. I was proud and flat broke. In todays value I think I invested more than 10.000…

For a minute I thought this was about the forthcoming Atari console…


I don’t know why, from my childhood I always mixed Amiga and Atari…

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Commodore / Amiga :heartpulse: forever
I still own a 600 and the original 1200.
Sensible Soccer and Pirates are too good to pass :slight_smile:


I made and sold an 8-bit tracker sample collection made on and (primarily) for the Amiga way back in the early ’90s. I recently released it for free in both its original 8SVX format as well as a conversion to 16-bit/44.1 kHz WAV at

For some more background information, see this thread on the Mutable Instruments forum.

We even had a fun competition there to celebrate the release!


the main designer of the Machinedrum (one of the two brothers) was way into the demo scene and cracktro’s … Amiga users loved doing that kind of thing.


Cheers Thijs, downloading now…

very cool sounds!

the wavs didnt preview as usual on the mac, but they play great in the Ableton Drum Rack.

Keen to put these into an Octatrack one day in the glorious future :smiley:

Atari ST vs Amiga is the thinking producer’s Mac vs. PC

Atari here.

EDIT: (it’s because I don’t have the time or money to get an Amiga)