The AR Feature Request Thread {closed}

I dug back a few pages and couldnt seem to find a full-on request thread for the AR. There are a few that are aimed at specific request, but perhaps this could be the all out lunatic rantings and ravings of us spoiled elektron customers with never ending ideas and change request to their well crafted machines.

…aaannnndddd Go!

:arrow_right: AR Analog Rytm feature request thread

Ive had limited time with it so far, so i dont have a ton yet but one thing that seems to be bothering me is the LFO DST selection process. As it stands now ONLY Encoder D can change the destination for the LFO. I find myself wanting to use the Encoder D to get to the correct area of destinations and then wanting to use the UP/DOWN buttons to navigate the menu with more precision.

Request: Allow UP/DOWN buttons to navigate through menus such as LFO DST rather than limiting it to 1 knob.

Three things so far:

  1. Be able to ‘lock’ the track button with a double-click. Hitting a pad on its own simply selects that track you want to edit, instead of holding track+pad to select a track. This would be great in grid recording mode for faster x0x style sequencing

  2. Record retrigs

  3. When scrolling through samples on the sample page, simply click the selection encoder to select it, rather than having to hit “yes”.

^^^ this and
[li]Load samples directly from +drive in the sample page (copy to ram if needed automatically)[/li]
[li]Insert sequencer trigs when holding a scene pad to create scene fills[/li]

I made a thread for a request, I repost it here :

In PERF and SCENE mode : use the trig to mute/unmute the tracks !!!


a big plus on the performance would be:

in Performance mode. add the sequencer trigs to mute tracks. so you can use the pads for modulation and the sequencer trigs to mute/unmute the tracks. this way its a lot more user friendly to make smooth transitions.

Hahaha, this is just what I asked above :slight_smile: This prove that a lot of people want this feature.
We need this !

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Hahaha, this is just what I asked above :slight_smile: This prove that a lot of people want this feature.
We need this ! [/quote]
hehe just saw 2 secs after posting that you mentioned this before. this is a must have!!
Hope they implement that in a future os update

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^^^ this and
[li]Load samples directly from +drive in the sample page (copy to ram if needed automatically)[/li]
[li]Insert sequencer trigs when holding a scene pad to create scene fills[/li]
Yes yes yes and please!

Having to hit track and pad to switch voice focus is a drag. I’d much prefer a one touch solution ala MPC.

Also if retrigs could start from pressure alone without having to hit the pad first for smooth crescendos.

(Apologies if these are repeated elsewhere in the thread)

  • Sample preview when browsing the +Drive and RAM.

  • Press of an encoder to confirm a decision instead of having to press YES (like A4)

  • Longer hold time when browsing the LFO Destination (you need more than a second to get a feel for how the LFO is affecting the parameter - alternatively have it hold until either confirmed or NO / another dial is moved. Would love this on the A4 too)

  • EQ on Synth and Sample pages to gel sounds better.

  • Pad sensitivity adjustment

  • Fast (USB Speed) sample transfer


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:+1: Apply the trig note (or chromatic grid note played if you prefer) also for the hand clap classic machine in affecting it to Noise Tone (TON).

:-1: No digital EQ on the analog synth please! It means that it would go on a DSP! But on the sample it could be great, although I don’t see where it could be added…

:+1: Maybe they could make machines for different way of using the sample (one shot vs loop/waveform) and there would be some place remaining for more parameters like EQ.

:+1: Apply the trig settings to the sounds / kits and not pattern, they would still record accurately in live mode and would be always parameter-locks related to the pattern, the only change would be that we have no sound surprise loading a saved kit on a new or an old pattern.

:+1: A dream (but I don’t think it possible), be able to choose to apply the filter to only the sample, only to the synth or both like actually. The useless (and not working properly?) ENV and LFO on/off switches of the trig page would be replaced by routing faders for sends to the filter, which would need that the last idea (trig to kits) is applied. This would replace the EQ in a way. But regarding the Elektron’s diagrams I feel that the routing is on the PCB and not modifiable via software.

:-1: More down-to-earth, why only 4 octaves for the sample tuning? OK for the tune parameter via the encoder, but when you set it to let’s say -12, when you play chromatically you have the 12 last down pads that offers nothing. That’s not cute and disturbing, especially with basses. If no, so disable the useless pads.

:+1: Add a way to see on the chromatic grid which note was played (let says on unused green color) when only pressing the pad of the track (outside the chromatic mode) regarding the trig note chosen on the trig page.


  1. More machines for all tracks.
  2. Another delay please, like the one on the Octatrack por favor.
  3. Don’t change the screen so fast = Keep the screen on the same page when selecting another track.

And thanks for your so great machines !

“rate” parameter for samples .
so we can play things in reverse just like on the OT .

if is just the sample playback you want to reverse, you can do that by setting the start to 120 and end to 0 …

In Song Edit,
-where you can enter how many times to play the current row, (x1, x2, etc.) I feel it would be sweet to turn the knob to the left and set to (INF) to infinitely loop the current row/chain. Or something like that…

Also in Song Edit,
-Add the ability to Jump to specific sequencer steps for example…

00: 2x A01
01: 2x A02 A03
02: J 00

(line 02 of the sequencer jumps back to 00)

Both of these features would allow for much improved live sequencing in Song Mode…

it would be nice to have a mode in which the pads are split in three rows and each row has a set of functions. the first row assigned to mute tracks, the second row could be one set of scenes and the last one four performances. holding scene+perf would enter the mode and the rows could be set in a submenu within the other modes

Input Audio Sidechain just like the AIRA TR-8 does it- that is brilliant.

It would be cool if Elektron took notice of a very nice feature that the Tempest has: locking melody scale/modes to the pads. Ex. - Pentatonic, Mixolydian, Hungarian Minor, etc…

It makes so much sense when using pads because there isn’t “wasted” space/notes and more notes are at hand (octave and a half vs. an octave…) at a time.


Excellent suggestion here!

I really need a way to save the the track output routings as the AR resets them on power off. This should ideally be on pattern basis so one could switch instrument to individual outs (to trigger other devices, be filtered/distorted etc) simply by switching a pattern. Or even better make it possible to route sounds to outputs with scenes and performace pads!

Also I would die for another LFO.

More adjustable parameters for all the cymbals would be ACE!