The AR got linear FM with OS 1.01 ... possible in A4 too?

now the AR got a linear FM based machine with a software update … could this be possible for the A4 as well?
Would be a great addition !

Probably not. The FM and Ring Mod between the two oscs for the voices in the bottom row are part of the hardware design. They are being enabled in software updates because Elektron is still tweaking the sound and parameter .

perhaps we could just get note tracking for the lfos which would get us pretty close.

That would be neat.


note tracking, is it needed in order to be able to make melodies with FM-like sounds on A4Thanks!? Can you make percussive FM sounds with LFO’s right now? Care to share some example? Sorry, i’m a zero when it comes to synthesis techniques)


Just use an LFO at an audio range speed to modulate the pitch of an OSC and you’re doing FM. You can then modulate the LFO depth and speed with one of the ENVs and/or the other LFO.

Okey, that i do already,hehe.
What about chaining the voices into each other? Can it do something in terms of FM?

You can’t do frequency modulation between the two OSCs or between neighboring voices, no.

That’s a pity. Thanks for the advice!