The best tutorials for DN/DNK, geared towards sound design, composition, variation

I have a DNK for four months now and I want to get better and dig deeper. There are loads and loads of tips&tricks-topics and tuts on youtube, so I was wondering: which tip/trick/tutorial really made you improve your skills on the DN/DNK?

I am especially interested in designing DNB-like stuff (bases, leads, whatever) and tips and tuts about composition on the device and keeping stuff varied and interesting (one of my weaker talents). I also own an OT, but what I would really like is to produce exclusively on the DNK for a while.

Here is a clip I made last week, to get an idea of the direction I am looking for:


Both Ivar Trytti (@Eaves) and Red Means Recording have some great sound design tutorials and “beats from scratch” workflow videos for the DN (among other Elektron boxes) on YouTube.


Thx! Links and vids are welcome if you are really enthusiastic about specific ones.

@OscillatorSink has made videos dedicated to making drones on the Digitone, and another on designing percussion sounds, both are fantastic


Here’s a weird one. Not DNB focused but I’ve found his videos entertaining nonetheless.


:scream: MY EARS!!

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Dave Mech has an incredibly deep Mastering Digitone class that goes pretty hard into sound design. If you’re serious about learning FM and the digitone, I would bite the bullet and go with that.


I’ll second oscillatorsinc’s videos. His drone videos unlocked the sound design in the dt for me even though I’m not really into ambient drone music. He really goes into detail.

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I went for @DaveMech 's course today, first time I’m paying for tutorials. :sweat_smile:

So far (just 10% or so done) I really like the level of detail and focus! Really leads to better understanding of the DN(K).

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But keep them coming! Once I got the basics down, I will be hungry for more.

Nice! Thanks for the support and great to hear you’re enjoying it so far. I’m going to start production of part 2 soon :slight_smile:


Now at the point where you start crafting a kick. Very good how you translate the theory to a practical level (for example that you can see feedback and modulation level A & B as filters).

Keep up the good work (ofwel: lekker bezig!) :pray:t2:

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Thanks ! :slight_smile: Great to hear you’re enjoying it so much :slight_smile: Groet!

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