The coolness of TRX hihats

i take all the metal off, leave the lowpass filter off (all the way clockwise) and set the highpass filter to just past midday.

set the individual Vol to about 60 percent …
adjust the main Filter Freq upwards and the Filter Width downwards … use subtractive eq on a high-mid band with the 1band eq …

set the gap and dec to quite a low value

use the Accent track set to about 2 (not 8 as the default value is … adjust with the large selection wheel) and put one or two trigs maximum

use two tracks one for Closed Hihat and one for Open Hihat …

then record a 1-4 bar pattern into an economically sized clip in Ableton

then adjust the Pitch in fine cents, i lower it by about 19-21 cents.

and that is the key to getting those delicious sounding TRX Kit Hi Hats sounding fabulous, and in-tune properly with the track in production/exploration.

making that fine tuning adjustment (either in Ableton or the Octatrack) seems to make all the difference for me, going from wondering if the hihats are slightly too high in pitch for the synths and bass, to saying “yes, that is sounding pretty switched-on and in-tune”.

if working in Ableton, when in the clip view, i might select Command-4 to go into unquantised edit mode, set the metronome click on, and slightly adjust the start point forwards, ever so slightly, zoomed right in, and listen to how it “grooves” with the staccato metronome. if the clip “grooves” with such a stilted tapping meter, then it will groove with anything, pretty much.

note: if command-4 is pressed outside the clip edit window, i think it sets the record-triggering quantised mode to “off”, so that isn’t desirable … if anyone tries this double key press and then recording triggering becomes unquantised to the next bar, that is what happened.


I’m curious to hear the result, with no pitch/tuning control on the TRX Hats I can’t say I recall hearing them pitched down before :confused:

So with the ‘fine tune’ in Live set at 21 the hats are detuned by just under 2 semitones. It’s 12 cents per semitone right?

It’s just, to do this internally it’s a case of resampling a nice open hat and dropping the pitch by 4-5 clicks to get close to the golden [de]tuning. I should resample one shots more often, ill give that a blast later, good man!

100 cents per semitone, so it’s about 1/5th of a semitone :slight_smile:

this is a track with the TRX closed hihat on a 4bar pattern, did a realtime recording pass for the filter and resonance, then another realtime recording pass for the gap and dec.

then went and deleted about 7 of the trigs that seemed overly loud or out of place, copy-pasted a page and then a few single notes to create a feeling of continuity and naturalness to the pattern.

didn’t actually retune the hats on this track tho as it was a realtime take with bassdrum snare and hihats all playing occasionally using Mute screen to drop sounds in and out …