The Drone


I made my first drone entirely on the a4. I don’t know much about drones but i had fun with it. So if the drone experts could tell me if its any good, please let me know.


I really enjoyed listening to your drone track. I have a band called drOHm, we write drone musick as well. Check it out

drOHM “Earth Rebirth”

This sounds solid and the basics are in place. Next ingredient is character. Make it yours. :+1:

I need a p12 for character, it has a whole section for that :slight_smile: thanks for listening!

Sounds cool too T. Dack!

Missed this. Very nice. Sounds huge, Love the drippy stepping filter that comes in like water drops. Classy stuff mate.

Huge sounding drone!

Really nice. I’m looking to use the A4 for some drone, great to hear the potential within.

Lots of drones this way:



[quote=""] Lots of drones this way:
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:wink: [/quote]
Thanks guys, and great ethereal sounds from you too ohexoh!

sounds really good! you could allow the action to start a bit earlier so that the interest spreads more evenly throughout the track.

Good point, will try that!

As a drone enthusiast , I really dig this drone. +1 on liking the drippy effect you have. Also variation with the stabs and delay. Keep up the WALLS OV SOUND!

Just played this through my laptop speakers and it shook some of my keys loose!