The GrandMa of A4

Hello boys… I present you the grandma of A4: E-mu Command Station. Say hello to the granny babies!! Have you had never one of these?


Not in the slightest?

I have a Purple People Eater


Really… perhaps an A4…

Again; not in the slightest.

Do you have questions on the units?


More akin to elektribes or yamaha RS7000 than elektrons really


it was a joke actually, even if we can call it a distant ancestor of an elektron. It doesn’t have to be the same. multitrack, synth, chromatic keyboard … even my grandmother was not identical to me …

Tks bro but i have had all the elektron machines. I know his nature.

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I can see the lineage in thinking. I had an XL7 back in the day before I briefly moved to logic then went back to hardware in the form of an mv8000. They are awesome machines.

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I remember them well. That means, that I am an old fart.
The colors were ahem not well chosen by Emu. I went with the Yamaha RS7000 instead.

We mail bombed Yamaha to include a realtime mode that you can seamlessly switch between step recording and play mode. After two years they finally implemented this. Sorta. Plus a few more filter models. A year later I sold it and started drooling over the Machinedrum, that was able to switch between recording/play mode without stopping the sequencer at all! Take this, Rolandyamaha!
The Korg Electribes came along that time too, but the sound got quickly on my nerves.

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Yeah man! The elctribes would have been awesome were it not for that… electribness that you cant escape. I briefly lusted after the RS7000 before I found out about elektron.

Never had a Emu, they look like they might be fun? Cheesy as hell though.
The RS7000 is a mighty box of you can be bothered putting the work in. Like anything I spose.

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More grooveboxes should have a lamp socket on the front panel.


…emu…was for me…all their great romplers…like protheus and mo phat…

in fact, this damned protheus was the most expensive rack unit gadget i’ve ever bought…
was more than 3 grant !!! back in the days…the expanded plus version…my first virtual orchestra mocking machine…my first 16 times multitimbral midi device…

when it came to samplers, i was more the akai guy…and then, pretty soonish an mpc head for years to come…my goodness…i’m old…goys and birls…and grandmas…

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And UV / black light lettering?


I had the XL-7. Lots of menu diving but a shitton of synthesis potential, all those filter types plus expandable waveform boards (quite expensive these days…)

Blush Response recently did a great tutorial on how to mess them up in a techno/noise context.