The great APC40mk2 shortage of 22/23

Anyone have any insight into what’s happening with Akai’s supply of APC40mk2 units? They’ve been out-of-stock everywhere for months now.

I am shifting mine on. It’s too big for my current setup but it’ll be missed. I too wonder why they’re not more available but it seems like most shops have it on order and you can preorder.

I’d like to think it’s because of an incoming MK3. But that would be baseless speculation and I know Elektronauts is above that sort of thing.


Looks like these guys have it (UK):

I’d call the store 1st to make sure though

Didn’t realise there was a shortage. I wouldn’t sell mine now, already sold once and bought back. Really decent bit of kit. A MK3 would be cool but not sure what they could add other than a better crossfader, but Akai doesn’t seem to be in the habit of improving the quality of their MIDI controllers, usually quite the opposite. Not tried the latest MPK range though.

Wild. I’ve had one for like 4 years and used it literally once. Had no idea there was a short supply.

This is probably only amusing to Australians but was not expecting to see the home of Boomer designer dogs and sausage sizzles stocking DJ gear.


For the Brits, bunnings = B&Q


I was trying to get one last year but kept missing my chance. Surely a MK3 is coming since they recently released a couple other updated controllers and these have been quite popular.

We had a Bunnings for a bit in E17 I think

They’re saying “Ordered, estimated to be in stock: Mar 5, 2023”.

Maybe that’ll be the end of the shortage?