The Haken editor/Eaganmatrix thread

Wow the learning curve is steep - every time I think I’m getting somewhere I near deafen myself. A limiter would be a nice thing to have…

So, re-reading the manual, watching videos and steadily making progress… sort of. It’s like nothing I’ve ever used, though the focus around each axis is slowly making some kind of sense… Ish.

I’ll put some links in here as I find them. If you have tips share them!

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Is this not the same topic … ?

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I’d think not, as applies to any Haken instrument, as well as the Osmose.


Also, there’s this stuff. Quite helpful.

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So editor was a distinction, it’s why i was asking just in case, ta!

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Indeed. The Eaganmatrix is a synth/programming environment that extends throughout the range, from the module and the Continuumini all the way up (and outside of) Haken’s product line. And oh my is it a head-scratcher!

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It’s a little like a VCS3, but… with math. :grimacing:

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It’s the math that scares me…

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Deafened by maths.

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So my basic understanding is that each of the osc/filter channel ms can be anything you want. I’m yet to figure out envelopes in the traditional sense, though anything you patch in can be controlled on the X, y and z axis. Maths figures - that part is beyond me, though levels are a factor.

Edit: in that louder/quieter etc.

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Coming at it from the standpoint of the Continuum, I don’t think I’ve ever used traditional envelopes with it - but then the entire Eaganmatrix largely remains a mystery to me, as I’ve only scratched the surface, and even then only experimentally. The only potentially useful patch I’ve ever made from the ground up was dedicated to controlling a VCS3 via the CVC without frying the VCS3’s transistors. Even then, I had to beg help from Edmund (who has a Synthi A which, as it turns out, he’d never tried to control with the Continuum).

I am hoping that this thread might be just what I need to get me off of my backside and work a bit more/harder with the Eaganmatrix.

I get that with the envelopes - I tend to only worry about sustain and release with ‘normal’ synths when working with MPE.

I managed some FM type stuff working off the utility patches. Figuring out what’s going on in those is my start point fwiw.

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Ok, so getting further - steps forward and back. Doesn’t help that when I make a mistake the sound appears to cut out and can’t be brought back without changing patches… usually after I’ve sent a million dB to my ears.

I don’t quite understand the directs yet but they are crucial in terms of patching in pitch control etc. It would help if the manual gave a detailed overview of each function/acronym before diving in with suggestions, though maybe it will later on…

Absolutely destroying my ears with mistakes, occasionally to the point I wonder about whether to bother; I want to learn but I value my hearing. Hopefully once I get through the hump that will stop as I learn what I’m doing…

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Nothing is worth that risk. Whenever I do stuff in either Eaganmatrix (rarely) or Kyma (more often), I work at very low levels, only turning the volume up when I know I’m not gonna screw up my speakers or ears.

I really hope Expressive E is allowed to make a new shiny and “dumbed down” UI (as they did with Chromaphone > Imagine). But I don’t see that coming … way too complex.

I know - my issue is I’m working outside the studio via headphones as there’s no way I could focus on learning this thing surrounded by toys in the studio… Hmm, pretty sure my mr1 has a limiter… I’ll monitor through that from now.

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I can’t see it changing roo much, though the good news is I’m definitely getting into it. It’s a mindset thing - once you’ve figured out what they’re trying to do it opens up…

Just got some basic digital FM thing going with X,Y and Z controlling modulation depth and timbre… I’m definitely getting somewhere and think I understand it at a basic level. It’s intimidating but not impossible is my first take, though it probably helps if you’ve used either a modular or vcs3, and can bend your thinking around the maths… which I’m starting to think is actually quite simple - it’s just level control over axis, with some fancy multipliers if required.

Ha ha, yeah. That can be a problem!

yeh i don’t think they would have the budget for that but here’s hoping. At least I expect some beginner tutorials and easy patches to learn from.

Silly question maybe … you are owning Haken hardware? Or can I tinker with it already without having compatible hardware?