The important bit of unboxing

Just got my AR and filmed when unboxing it, with focus on the important bit. :wink:

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Now it truly belongs to you.


My DN and DT still have the protective film over the OLED. The current DN firmware, afaik, still doesn’t have an option to dim the display. Some people were complaining about the brightness of the screen and the buttons-lights. With the film, the screen is already pretty bright, imo. When I got my DT, I was happy to see the display could be dimmed, and I dimmed it.

My primary reason for keeping the film on is to avoid scratching the display.

Welcome to the forum!

Interesting use case for the film!

I thought I could see some ghosting, and on closer inspection I noticed the film and immediately had to peel it. Hard to resist!

Such a wonderful device, and this community seems to be awesome too. Thanks for the welcome :wink:

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In my experience, you’d have to really be trying to scratch these displays. They are pretty tough.


Leaving the film on - a old CRT TV
Removing the film - a HD TV