The Oude Meer Collection - Syntakt Music

This is a collection of tracks inspired by those who waited patiently for their Syntakt while having it stuck in Oude Meer.

If you got your Syntakt, start building a track. If you don’t have it, start planning your track. Extra bonus for authentic Syntaks that went through Oude Meer and survived :slight_smile:

For reference, here is the whole thread:

  • All entries accepted.

  • Angry tones encouraged.

  • 2-6 min in length.

  • Syntakt only with no external processing.

  • Works in progress can be posted (not restricted to Syntakt)

  • Track titles are in the form of Oude Mere - Sub Title. For example Oude Mere - Lost in the lake.

  • Extra bonus for Syntakts that were shipped through Oude Meer (designated as “Authentic” on the track list).

This post will be updated with the tracks.

Track 1 - Oude Meer - Dead on arrival
Gino Cortesi

Track 2 - Oude Meer - Casino - Authentic!


Select Club.

Anyone with a Syntakt can post a track, just needs to be angry :slight_smile:


You know that there is a Syntakt only music thread?

If there are Syntakt techno and Syntakt ambient threads, there can be an angry Oude Meer thread. But I think the requirement to use a Syntakt should be relaxed, to give people a constructive outlet for their frustration right now.


@Tchu Yes, but this is the Oude Meer collection!
It’s about waiting, longing, and waiting some more while your gear is in Oude Meer.


Good idea. I think we should post works in progress, and final entries can be Syntakt.

To be a collection we need a decent number of tracks so we’ll see how this goes… maybe no where :rofl:

Although my Syntakt was not stuck in Oude Meer, I’m going to start working on an angry track tonight for the collection.


is oude meer het waard?


My track is meant to be something to chill to while waiting for your Syntakt–no anger required.

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Bandcamp compilation would be fun at the end of this.


My contribution will be a suggestion for the album cover:


I like it. Is it public domain? I don’t want to get sued by the bike rider when we make millions.


It’s a photo from a local newspaper so it’s not “public domain” I think.

But when there actual will be a bandcamp album of any kind which will need a photo of “Oude Meer” I’ll go there myself and take a new one which will be made available under the CC license :slightly_smiling_face:


Here’s my work in progress…

I called it Oude Meer - Corpse

Edit: I’m going to rename this track to “Oude Meer - Dead on arrival” because I like that name better. Not sure if it’s angry enough though, need to put more work into that…

Edit 2: I updated the track, and added it to the list


Here is the something I could contribute… just got my machine yesterday after it being stuck in Oude Meer for days… only had about 30 minutes with the machine before life took it away from me, but I am already very much wanting to with it again… just a quick loop… playing around with knobs while it runs, nothing special but really enjoying the machine… hope you enjoy…


Alright, now that Syntakts are arriving, let’s see some more tracks!

@mreilly do you have a title for your track, or is this a work in progress?

Hi Gino… work in progress… I will work on making it a full track early next week(should only take me a few hours to lay out the midi and cc). Thinking of a name… will get back to you. Very happy about this idea and happy to be part of the “authentic” group.

Also since I use overbridge I will remove the low cut eq on the FX track… I know that’s a no no for these tracks and since I was just jamming out when I got it I will remove it for the actual track…

Side note if anyone wants my live 11 Syntakt Overbridge template here it is… Note you need the latest version of overbridge installed( Overbridge 2.1.1). Template is pretty straight forward and really nothing special. Just a Overbridge track, a drum rack setup for all 12 tracks of the Syntakt, and then audio and midi tracks for each 12 tracks, and audio tracks for FX, and delay/reveb tracks. If you fine it useful… there you go… if not… doesn’t hurt my feeling since I did it for my own workflow;) (141.4 KB)

Oude Meer - Casino

Oude Meer survivor Friday, April 29, 2022 - Tuesday, May 3, 2022