The plugin's protocol version (2) is incompatible with the overbridge engine's protocol version (5). Please reinstall the overbridge suite

my analog four mk2 recently returned from repair at elektron. I had to redo my midi and audio configuration on ableton. By reinstalling the OB, I have the following error message, see image attached.

_ different options in ableton, don’t change anything
_ the A4 seems to be well detected in standalone
_ the A4 once integrated into the DAW, is no longer detected

maybe there is a problem with USB ports …
I tried and took into account all the proposals of the FAQ

very lost with this issue in this moment, I can’t take advantage of the A4 with ableton, someone nice could enlighten me, I haven’t seen this topic on another forum
thank you

solution: manually delete all dll related to elektron and re-install last OB software (the uninstal procedure doesn’t suppress dll files).

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This is very weird and maybe you could create a Ticket for Elektron Support to investigate this.

This is currently already the case. The tips is an Elektron one.

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Good morning;

I have the same problem with Syntakt
(Latest OS and Overbridge installed)

I uninstalled (and removed Vst) and reinstalled overbridge.
Hassle-free, trouble-free standalone overbrige with digitone

Do you have an anti virus running?
The .dlls not being removed is usually because something is still accessing them.

Problem solved (for me),
I used vst2 … With vst3 no more problems

ps: I contacted support but i don’t know where to delete my ticket

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