The realities of owning vintage gear

some of you can probably relate here:


thanks this was funny as hell

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it’s been at least 25 years since I last saw a DX7 cartridge.

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Anyone else wanna admit to having a thing for the laundromat lady in the ad break?

One reality is that I can’t use my Electribe ESX anymore, because the save button doesn’t work anymore.
I even had it refurbished a couple of years ago.

Sure, the Model:Samples does the trick as replacement, but the Electribe and its tubes were something else.

I liked the bodily gestures in time with the musical embellishments :laughing:


the tuning fork killed me.


I mean it was funny. but is the overall narrative that you have to be rich/eccentric to own those machines? I don’t know this dude so maybe he’s got some bigger narrative I’m not aware of…

the stumbles at the beginning were the funniest. because it’s almost always like that. some sort of “what the hell is wrong now?!?” moment just when you get ideas moving.

not sure if there’s any huge narrative, but his whole thing is using vintage synths to create music reminiscent of that period. he’s a character, for sure. i do enjoy his music, though. it’s refreshing seeing people have fun and not take themselves so seriously.


I had that with an emx. Opened her up and saw that the conductive layer on the button simply had worn out. And I fixed it McGyver style:
I took a pencil and powderized the lead tip and mixed it with a bit of superglue. Applied that on the button and added some more lead powder on top. Waited till dry and sanded a bit with some normal (writing)paper to remove any excess lead. That fixed it completely and its running strong after years


I like the chainsaw sounds and the banana he pulls out of the synth. I’ve seen some weird shit come out of synths before. We pulled a bic lighter out of one once.


do you work at LAX by any chance?

I had an ensoniq asr-10 overheat and the power board “melted”. Took it to a repair shop was supposed to cost around a thousand to repair. I call back about 6 months after dropping off to see what’s going on apparently the tech guy disappeared :flushed: and the ASR just so happened to be working again.

They gave me the asr back free of charge because they don’t know what the tech did. I immediately put it up for sale.

Also just got a oberheim dx which I truly love and hope it never has any problems. Vintage stuff is so scary. I feel like all the machines are tired and I gotta not overwork em but I also wanna make BEATS :slight_smile:


now i want to know what happened to the asr-10.

was the tech an alien? a witch? from the past or future?

did you open it up after bringing it back home? did it smell burnt? was the whole thing a dream?

which repair shop was this, I at a place I used to go to I had a faulty key on my asr10, and they charged me $95 bucks to tell me I had a faulty key (which I already knew) and more to fix it?

a good music tech shop is a good find

remember putting the cool packs on the eps/asr haha

Was definitely a wizard.

But I’m always way too spooked out to open gear I’m not too crafty with mechanical stuff feel like I’d break something.

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Deltronics in Chicago. They’ve fixed some other stuff for me before too some tape gear and an old power supply for a microphone.

I like that spot a lot. I think they charge for diagnostics but only if you don’t repair it.


congrats! I’ve been after one for a while, just never pulled the trigger. love those down-pitched crunchy drum sounds! :heart_eyes:

and for that reason, I’m actually after DX over DMX, since it’s easier to access the pitch knobs. even though there’s less sounds.

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I’m hoping one day to get the stretch expansion to get a few more sounds and some from different machines particularly the linn drum <3

Definitely my biggest investment gear wise and definitely still n the honey moon phase but I love it dearly. Love how they all sit in the mix


Big fan of the mustache trimming scene. So clean.