The settings on the DELAY, REVERB, and MASTER pages

in the manual it says.

The sequencer of the Digitakt stores information in patterns. A pattern controls the playback of the audio tracks, the MIDI tracks and various pattern-specific aspects of the tracks.

A pattern contains:

  • The settings on the DELAY, REVERB, and MASTER pages.

How do i save these Settings settings per pattern.

Save the pattern. If you start a new pattern, you’ll see they all go back to default values. Want to copy the settings, copy the pattern to a new one.

Edit: I don’t bother saving individual patterns. I just save the project, which saves all the patterns.

thanks for your reply Craig
your talking from this window correct?


Yeah, but as I say in my edit, just save the Project to save all the patterns within the project. Each pattern can have different FX settings as you wish. Once a project is already saved, I just hit FUNC and the gear icon then YES to resave all patterns whenever I have made significant changes :slight_smile:

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But i have to “Save The Project” for each pattern?
if i do mix changes to Pattern 1
[FUNC] + [YES]
then move to Pattern 2, mix changes are not applied.
If i have the master Mix section visible and scroll through patterns there are no changes that show up so i’m missing a step.

Each pattern has (or can have) different FX settings. To copy those settings from one to another, you can copy individual pages, such as the Master FX page, for example.

Here it is step by step for how to copy one FX page on one pattern to another pattern:

Go to the pattern that has the settings you want to copy using PTN and TRIG [number]

Press and hold FUNC and hit LFO three times to get to the External FX page

Press and hold FUNC and LFO and hit the RECORD button to copy that page

Select another pattern using FUNC and TRIG [number]

Go to the External FX page as above

Press and hold FUNC and LFO and hit the STOP button to paste that page on the new pattern

This copying and pasting of individual pages from one pattern to another can be done everywhere, so TRIG, SRC, FLTR, AMP, etc etc


Also, if you’re wondering the opposite. I.e., why can’t I change the settings once and all the other settings for other patterns also change, that’s because the Digitakt doesn’t have a system for Kits like the Analog Four / Rytm. Everything is per pattern on DT. Edit: most pages are per pattern, except the ones mentioned by @Tchu below :slight_smile:

Except for this :


In the GLOBAL FX/MIX menu, you can select several parameter pages whose parameters will (when selected) act on a global level instead of on a pattern level. Then the parameter’s settings on that page will not only affect the active pattern but will also affect all the other patterns in the project. The parameters text/ value graphics are then inverted. Use the [LEFT]/[RIGHT] keys to select or deselect the parameter pages you wish to function on a global level.

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But it’s not clear what @dsorce want to achieve.

Ah, yes, I forgot about that bit. Hopefully that covers everything OP wanted to know now :slight_smile:

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This is what i think is the issue. Much appreciated, now to go home and test

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you guys rock thanks for your support!