The Synth(s) you dont use / play

The thread title cracks me up.
Dont get me wrong, I got plenty of stuff I dont use, but synthesizers is not one of them, especially ones that fetch dollars via internet.

TrabanT, you seem like the perfect candidate to go down the eurorack abyss.
By all means, please do, and post results.

On another note, if you like touching your gear, maybe try a Tempest.
She’s definitely loose, and dirty.

Maybe I’m crazy, but Ill never sell any of my gear - my K2500 is standing in the corner for 2 years now but it will be used 1 day again . I have to do so much effort to buy what I need that I’m very shure when I buy.
I’m a synth-freak and every prey hunted is here to stay until it’s broken behond repair.
As the Gypsy’s say " You can sleep with my wife - steal my caravan - but I avise you to keep your hands of my violin !!! "
The most cheesy - ugly and halfbroken keyboard can play a major role no other can play in a setup with a good mixer.
I lost 1 synth I stil regret , but it broke. ythe korg Wavestation, but i’ll find one again in mmodule someday !!! I’m hunting in patience … :angry: :slight_smile:
My dream started 35 years ago looking and listening at those giant modulars wich I stil can’t afford - but patience is a virtue .
" Wie het kleine niet eert is het grote niet weerd "
The instruments I have are not buyed in a fast descision - hard worked for - and tested until the shopowner wanted to kick me out :slight_smile:
They are dreams - come -true !!!
It’s like painting - I prefer good oïl-paint but I can paint with shoe-brush if I have to … so I won’t sell my cheap filt-tip pens… just have to grab them when needed. And they do stuff my oilpanit cant achieve …

You should write a tune titled “The Synths You Don’t Play” but only using the synths you don’t play!

Seems like a few of us are going through the whole “I have gear here I don’t use, why” thing!

LOL :zonked:

that made me chuckkkkkle! !!!

i swear i made this track with the title untouched before I read your comment : )

I brought my A4 and MNM out to China with me, with a BigSky for good measure.

So far I’ve only been playing with the MNM and BigSky.

I’m enjoying myself. The A4 is relaxing in a cupboard.