Therapsid MKIII

Therapsid is back!!! :heart_eyes:

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Sid not included.

You can easily buy your SIDs on your local Kleinanzeigen market. Paid 66€ for a pair last year.

Therap(insert name here) then

damn. no more adapters necessary. want.

Nice! I had the MkII, and it was great. I did have one minor issue, but I think Alex was working on it. (think it was with the PWM mod or something…) Anyway, I’d love to get a MkIII, and stick an FPGASID into it. I’m out of SynthMoney TM for a while though… I wonder how long these will be made.



Comic SID

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Is there someone who has the Therapsid mk1 firmware on a hdd?
I foolishly tried to update with the mk2 firmware and now my unit doesn’t work anymore.
I tried to email twisted electrons a week ago, but no response so far.
Any help would be appreciated

Wow, @ThomasJ taking advantage of open-source firmware to play .Sid files, and remix them live :o


Yes, was a fun little project! Will do more things for this machine in the future for sure. It is basically a dual Sidstation with controls for all parameters.


Oh man. I am so excited about this. :heart_eyes:


Stuck an order in last night and now they are out of stock.

Just got in there in the nick of time :star_struck:

We have similar taste in SIDs! I love that Cobra tune! The game was horrible, but the music is great!

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Nooooooooooo!!! I was on the fence…

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Knucklebusters is a Hubbard classic

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Beta testing of my mod is now ongoing. Many new features since demo above :slight_smile:


Totally new to the therapsid and won’t get my hands on one until end of May.

This open source firmware, does it just add extra features to the original workflow or does it totally change the machine so it no longer works like the factory version?

My change is a standard firmware in all other aspects. It just goes into ASID mode when being sent such data. Starts up in standard, and will also return to standard from ASID if holding down Reset button.