This is apparently not a joke [Audioweld Synthwatch]

Seems a bit of an over-complicated interface for modern EDM producers/performers.
A single arcade button mounted on the wrist would be more useful to trigger ‘the drop’ at just the right moment.

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It’s cool that some people invent stuffs, even if they appear useless. It is somehow needed in the overall creation process. But…

Where the money come from? Imagine paying engineers and workers for two years, it’s amazing on its own.

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waiting for smartphone-sized modular systems, something like nanoeurorack

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Backrack, the eurorack backpack. It’s a racket in a sack with space for snacks


Seems appropriate to pair the Synthwatch up with the worlds largest sequencer.

This is Tatsuya Takahashi playing the Red Bull Music Academy’s RBMA-20 the world’s largest sequencer. No joke as well. Video here.