This is apparently not a joke [Audioweld Synthwatch]

Looks like indy-IDM hipster attire- possibly a decade late.

Also, if it’s connecting to a smart phone- is it actually a synth in and of itself?

More wrist action eh?
Think that says it all :fist:t3::wink:


I’ve been looking for the perfect accessory to my DrumPants.


I think pants lend themselves better to a bass heavy monosynth.


Especially after a bean burrito!

Okay, back on topic, I really couldn’t help myself.

Would be cool if this watch could be integrated as a Max device.


Honestly if it was smaller and better looking, I would buy it. I like my Casio calculator watch, so something like this is just dumb enough for me to consider.

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Can’t wait to have some minor 7th action going on this gizmo!

What the :musical_keyboard:?!?


This product actually has some potential, as insane as that may sound.

From an economics standpoint, this is a fashion accessory whose purpose is to signal your membership in a specific peer group.

Just wait until some crazy soundcloud rapper wears this on their wrist and these watches will sell like crazy… whether it actually functions as a synthesizer is 100% irrelevant.

I want to be the guy wearing this and a Prada suit, sitting in large corporation board meeting, while trying to play Kanye West’s “Runaway” on my wrist.


The thing is way, way too big to even consider wearing daily.
Needs better tech to make it smaller and maybe not even use keys but touch capacitive malarky,

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Only two actual buying backers so far for the Synthwatch. They’ve raised a little over $1000.
Maybe instead of a watch they make it an implant?


Not the first synth watch.


Don’t see the problem?
About same size as boutiques and volcas


I’d sooner kickstart that

Meeting with investors would be short and sweet.

Um…smart phones…that is all…

If they could invent a horn section to follow me arround and score the everyday events of my life i would invest in that for sure…

Though most of the time they would just be playing the theme from the Benny Hill show.


Or wrist coconut !!
With Monty Python signature !

Though horn section Sir Robin style could be a good idea.
I guess the kickstarter would already be founded by now.

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