This is NOT Techno (T.I.N.T) - a new Live Jam from me, Digitakt+Heat, no Techno, but with a Fox and a Cat ... :-D

Heyja everyone,

i did quite a few Tutorials in the Past and so it was really about time to create a new Live Jam! This time i used the Digitakt and the Heat and did a bit of layering and resampling with the Digi to create the Sounds for this “Jam”. Because: EVERYTHING you hear is created using the stock Samples only!

Here we go:

I hope you like it!

Oh and @William_WiLD: You get the Sounds i’ve used in this Jam as a little Thank You for your Support over at Patreon :wink: Have a look! I hope you find them useful.



Very nice chill jam. adorbs vid.

The roundish warmth and saturation from the AH is so damn nice! Like warm sunshine on your sounds.

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thanks mate! the AH is really amazing, i use it primarily for recording at the moment. Warmth and Saturation is what it really shines in - but the rest of the circuits are mostly too much for my taste. I barely use them. And thats a bit of a shame because i always have the feeling that i dont use the Heat to its fullest, you know :wink: