Thoughts of Syntakt future possibilities

ST could supercede DN. If Elektron added DT machines, polyphony, multimap, and note slides. If it has the capability of running the DN synth engine.

Assuming the current unit is ever capable of full sampling, they could add full sampling and so replace DT.

(Maybe in a MKII)

Assuming Elektron decided to do this, they could let the last stock of DT/DN run out, reducing their prices to minimize blowback. Then they’d only have to sell one product - which is simpler and cheaper for them. Reduce price of ST by 50 or 100 when chip supplies return to normal.

Probably not gonna happen but it’s fun to imagine.

But why on earth would they do that?


I mean if they hated money, maybe?


Yup. I think it’s pretty clear that Elektron could put every feature into one box if they REALLY wanted to. But at this point it would be a really dumb business move.

I’m 98% sure the only reason the Digitakt is limited to 1gb of storage and is unable to slice samples is because it would make the octatrack somewhat obselete.

They are quite smart about gimping certain products so they don’t replace other current ones in their catalogue.


Perhaps Definitely they do sell a lot of boxes the current way … but I still wonder if they did this would it actually result in more sales, way beyond however they’re currently doing

MPC is a singular thing and it’s wildly popular

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I own the DT/DN pair and have the ST on order.

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I’m okay with the focus inherent in each box. I do expect the ST to become more of my generalist centerpiece when it arrives, but having the DT as a dedicated sample-based box and the DN as a polyphonic deeper FM box will continue to have value to me as separate components.

One thing I like to do during live performance is to treat each box as a “deck”, allowing me to keep musical ideas flowing and to mix and match patterns and elements from each box dynamically. If the DT/DN (and now ST) were rolled into a single unit, I couldn’t do that as freely and would have to be more rigid in my set planning. I suppose I could just get two units of this fictional device, but my resistance to that would be pretty high.

That’s just one example of why I like separate boxes that can each make relatively “complete” music, but have different generative methods.

Side note, for years, I’ve wished for a third “Digi” form-factor box that would do genuine analog voices to round out the setup. I’ve been using a Circuit Mono Station to bring in monophonic analog sounds for percussion, bass, or other sounds that I felt needed that certain something. But I haven’t felt it was ideal in the context of my love for the Elektron way and a single paraphonic voice was limiting. Several times, I almost pulled the trigger on a A4, but something was keeping me from going over the edge. Also considered a DSI Tetra as a sound module, but then prices got silly.

So is the ST analog section a Prophet in Digi form? No, but I think it will be more than enough to do most (or all?) of what I want to do with some extra analog oomph in my Elektron setup.

The fact that it’s a 12 track drum (and other) synthesis/sequencing monster (I’m personally more into synthesis than sampling) and will likely be the new go-to centerpiece of my OTB music making is a crazy bonus.

I know Elektron’s model is about making money, just like any good business. That said, I may be a weirdo, but I kind of like Elektron’s ecosystem of semi-specialized instruments. In particular, I think the DT/DN, and now the ST are particularly suited to the way I like to work.



I hear you … but I’m saying, you could (in theory) just buy three ST’s and do the same thing.

Sure, but setting aside the resistance to redundant purchases (I know, funny considering the almost identical form factor between the “Digi” sized boxes), I’m currently into Elektron for about $2,200 for the boxes I have including the ST that’s coming. I can only imagine what 2 or 3 units of an all-in-one flagship box would cost. :grimacing:

And I personally like the sound generation focus of each box, and then there’s the idea that I can now play with up to 24 tracks. Yeah, you might be able to squeeze all that in a single Digi-sized box (not likely, have you seen the chip density on the ST innards? :grimacing:), but then the UI would be … interesting to say the least.

Not trying to be a killjoy, I certainly get wanting to have all that goodness in one place. I just personally like the separate boxes for certain reasons that I can articulate, and maybe for some reasons that are more … emotional. I just love my Elektrons. lol


I can easily get my DN to ‘break down and cry’ if i go haywire on every Trig with a nuclear blast of parameter changes. Doesn’t like it that much. (My bet is: the machines, each with their own set of parameters for tweaking, like M:C, kinda prevents overloading the machine dedicated track with Trig requests and keeps it spread out and evenly balanced?)

So i presume not that much in the hardware department changed, and the higher price will be attributed to the chip shortage???

Therefore considering all ‘the machines’ and a boxload of features (with a nod towards the monomachine) is pretty much the limit (with a tiny amount of headroom for future updates, i reckon??? And ofcourse as stated marketing strategy.

However if they keep spoiling us with future updates, i wouldn’t mind if some features would be cross-adapted to even better the performance and distinct character of each of the DigiBox tripplets

Hold on, i heard a rumour there’s another one coming this Xmas :wink:

(Though i still wonder if it would be possible to perform an OS brain transfer between DT and ST, same amount of knobs and all??? Don’t know about the bowels of the beastie, hardware-wise)

I did like a suggestion by someone here in the forum saying the headphone outputs could offer an additional output (if audio is all digitally routed by the OS, that would be an awesome feature to have, like an internally routing/bussing (summing bus-split) option

<~ (fairly reminiscent of the Amiga live performance Tracker trick (mono L R split to stereo adapter / mixer) ch1 - Keep the Bass and Breaks tight and pumping steadily, ch2 - going beast-mode on additional effects / filters / tweaking, etc)

but as a bonus without sacrificing stereo per definition in the process.

If this could be done with internal digital routing, the DN could for instance output every Track (T1-T4) in mono by panning tracks and splitting L R 1 & L R 2. Woot woot! Almost like a Tetr4, but with a lot more features, intuitive tweaking, being reserved to FM, and except for not being analogue.

(ST seems to be like a lovely best-of-both-worlds MNM, MD, A4+AH all-in-one !!!)

Imagine the new possibillities with a single DigiBox unit and a bit of creative programming (within ‘boundaries’ / ‘limitations’) + FX tinkering, wow!

Anyhow considering the new family member ST: still nowhere close to afford myself one.
Monthly deposit option, spare kidney, wash your car, fetch your slippers?

Cheers man, Elektron!!!


Even better, make it look like a laptop and make it run Ableton and VSTs.


I am not sure why they would do that

Digitakt is their best seller

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……… wut? This warranted a separate thread? Dude :joy:

I swear the Syntakt is causing people’s brains to overheat here.


This is a bold new twist on the “Syntakt feature requests” thread


I think more machines is the way they will go. It keeps ST in its niche while potentially expanding its palate


To be fair I’d have no problem with that. Differentiate it more.

Eh, it’s not so much feature request as speculating about an alternate universe

Wanted to see what people would think of it

So far it’s interesting


I’m glad there is a line of different instruments. i get stuck in modes of working on one machine and start doing the same thing over and over and ultimately become bored and unproductive. I find it helpful to switch to a different machine and workflow - it always jogs new ideas that inform how i can approach things differently next time I move back to the box i was “burned out on”.


Having used the mpc one for a year before returning back to the digitakt. The digitakt in my opinion is leaps and bounds more of an intuitive and pleasurable user experience. Imo you have to be very careful with feature creep aspects to design that can convolute the user interface quickly. The way they have streamlined the functionality of each device having its defined purpose leads to a much quicker, less menu divey experience. Plus all the digis share a similar architecture, in terms of button combos, design make it imo one of the better designed instruments in recent years.

Goes back to your previous thread of wanting the perfect device that will never exist. Digitakt is one my and many others favorite instruments ever, if it’s not broke, then why make such a bold move cannibalizing one of your most successful instruments, and alienate a large amounts of users that utilize the digitakt and digitone?


I think not b/c people enjoy the idea of choice and each instrument serves a different purpose and some are more interested in an aspect of something than a grand whole. I think they could go anywhere they want, make a mkiii of any of these and end the previous format leaving you to choose your start and then add machines to your contentment on a style of box of your choosing. But it’s whatever their cooking up b/c it’s their future. But we’ll see won’t we.

You mean Syntakt? The higher price will be down to the analog components - the bottom circuit board is chock full of stuff.