Thoughts on next aquisition

Hi everyone
Im currently looking for any users who have a Prophet 6 to share their experiences - im using an AK, AR and Sub phatty for mainly repetative evolving music relying mostly on sequencing. I was looking at something to cover the atmosphere/pad/stringy/drones kind of area - i know the AK covers this but it just seems to be lacking something to me in that department. Probably my shocking lack of ability in fairness, but…
May also use it for some bass duties. In fact the more versatile the better!
Its either the Prophet, a Sub37, or maybe a pro 2. Obviously the Moog isnt ideal for this but… I tried one and liked it,seemed more immediate to me for some reason. Fell in love the minute i layed a finger on the Prophet though - but im not a ‘player’ by any means so perhaps its overkill for my needs. Also maybe being a poly its overlapping with the AK’s abilities?
Id like to keep my setup mostly analog(ish) so things like a virus, P12 etc sort of dont float my boat, but ive not actually deno’d any so any suggestions would be welcome. Especially anything less expensive!
Hate having to make decisions ( and im totally new to this lark ) so any advice or experience of the said synths would be very welcome.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Oh sorry, forgot to mention i will also be getting the OT soon, ( thus the mostly analog comment!) and knowing it has pretty expansive sample mangling capabilities maybe this would be able to do strange atmos etc?
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Not hands-on but; Oberheim Matrix 1000s are great. Especially at the price they go for.

I’ve an editor for mine that makes creating patches for it a breeze. Really powerful synth, with the editor, due to the Mod matrix

Reading your position, and your quest for more gear, I’d say get rid of the AK, hold the OT and get the Prophet6. It’s an amazingly direct instrument that has endless sweet spots. Even if you have no idea what you’re doing, it sounds great. And even if you know exactly what you’re doing, it doesn’t necessarily sound better. It’s complete - polyphony, effects, sequencer and whatnot.

The AK is this too, but deep, complex, has menus (though they’re nicely paced, I’d say) and lots and lots of options. Which you don’t necessarily need.

With an AR and a P-6, you can make outstandingly great music, with two direct, amazingly sounding instruments.

So get that. Sell the rest. And hold the OT for later.

Thanks for everyones input.
Yeah i know the sensible thing to do is learn my current gear inside out, im learning quicker than i thought i would in fairness, and i dont think ill ever be creative/ clever/ good enough to be anything other than a hobbyist and use the really advanced features to any good effect. But who knows - and yes im aware i have some lovely equipment - i have a new job and for the first time in my life i have the income to support my gear lust so im making the most.
More gear doesnt make ‘better’ music - someone with creativity and talent could make ‘better’ ( i use the word reluctantly, as i think music, gear and such is a subjective and personal thing ) music on a single elektron machine than i could with a smorgasborg of machines. Im very aware of this :slight_smile:
However - i think quality musical equipment, that is made well and has so many possibilities are works of art and as im in a position to purchase such finery i see no point in not doing so. Yes. Im very lucky.
All the gear and no idea…
But hey, it all puts a smile on my face so why not???
The Oberheim looks really cool - ill definately look into one :slight_smile:
And thats exactly what i thought about the Prophet - it sounded fantastic to me and its well laid out and immediate for someone like me. And it seems pretty versatile, plus it has the sequencer which is an essential for me at the moment. so im thinking, leave the OT and sequence the SP from the Prophet via midi, all clocked from the AK perhaps.
Then maybe ill look at getting a compressor for my master for a bit of glue and a few pedals and im set for a while.
Till i get the lust for gear again that is!!! :smiley:

Though it looks like the Prophet 6 sequencer cant midi sequence external gear is that correct? Thats a bummer if it cant :frowning:

I would say think carefully before buying too much gear even if you have the cash. I have found it causes a downturn in creative productivity if there is such a thing :wink:

I have had a buying and selling spree over the last 18 months and have now realised I have the ideal setup with only my Virus TI Polar, Analog Rytm and laptop with Ableton Live 9.5.

Have sold my Minitaur, Octatrack, Push and Analog Four.

Less is more. I can run any Virus patch through any Live effect, resample and layer etc etc. Then on top of that I can drop beats from AR. Then there is Reaktor running on the laptop. Thats plenty of choice without being too much.

I know the thrill of getting a new piece of kit is addictive, I have suffered that fate in the past, I am now a reformed gear slut ;-))

Haha!! Point taken :slight_smile:
I think i might just grt an OT and suffer the learning curve -
Then i can have fun creating my own atmos from samples and live loop from the other machines, also midi sequence the Moog.
Then ill stop i promise :wink:
Thanks everyone, really good advice as usual