Thru machine manual sample

I have a couple of flex machines providing a beat and my electribe 2 setup as a flex machine on track 4.

I want to sample a piece of that on T5 which ive set up as a flex machine.

I want to take the sample without stopping the sequence i can initiate a manual start but dont know how to stop the recording on t5 without stopping the sequence.

I dont know where to look in the manual as I dont know what its called what i want to do.

t5 is set to record buffer 5, i dont want a trig record as its a live part (1 section of it) from the electribe.

hope that makes sense.

RLEN, p. 51.

Thank you just reading it up now

Also, TRACK# + RECORD works in a binary fashion - repeat the shortcut to stop sampling independent of the sequencer.

QREC is another handy one for manual sampling, quantizing both start and stop.

aha that I didnt know, thank you

Aldo you have the quick rec method, by just hitting exit/no the selected track should deactivate recording.