Thru machine overlapping issue

hi guys,

I have some problems hearing the signal from my eurorack

I always hear the direct wet signal from my module, it no response to the playback menu, I change input, volume and nothing happen to the signal.
I just hear when I rise the input, the dry signal from my module that goes thru loos, effects ecc…

I don’t want to hear the direct signal, do you have any suggestions?

Is DIR at 0?
If you use filter with Width = 0, do you still hear the dry signal?


In case you are wondering: @sezare56 is refering to the mixer menu (page 42 in the manual) … DIR specifies the amount of AB/CD which gets directly mixed to the main output without going through any track at all.


yes! sorry for the delay… I was away from the home. i changed the direct for the external fx routing or something else maybe… and I totally forgot it.
Thank you guys, happy new year

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