THRU Machines


I just have added a Acidlab Machhine to my park, which I slave into the OT THRU Machine – great … because I used before no THUR machines in some tracks there is still data on this track (like LFO etc.)

Is there a short cut to delete all data from this track? Not only notes, kind of totally clean it?

If you hold a parameter page (Playback, Amp, LFO, etc…) and simultaneously press Play (or Clear), those page settings (and setup settings) will reset to default.

Your post implies that you already know that pressing Function+Clear while in record mode will clear all the trigs for that track.

If I’m not forgetting anything, after that, you’re all set to change your machine or sample and start from scratch on that track.

dont forget part + clear to clear a part

i usually have pattern + clear followed by part + clear to erase my canvass and have a clear start without needing to go through the tedious midi and audio config EVERY fkkkking time i start a new project

thanks - this works