Thru output

I’m away from my favorite drum machine of all time, Rytm. I’m theoryzing a new set up and have a question regarding the thru output or MIDI output B and I couldn’t find the info in the manual.

Does it pass transport controls from the Rytm transport? Also, does it pass the clock output from the Rytm? Or does it just pass whatever midi comes in MIDI port A?

Can I pass midi from the MIDI input to MIDI port A sending clock and transport controls?

Thanks for your help on this, Elektronauts!

No. As stated in the manual (“REAR CONNECTORS”), it only:

Forwards data from MIDI In

The MIDI Thru does not output MIDI clock messages generated by the AR. It will forward any MIDI clock messages that arrive at the MIDI In. It can be reconfigured to send DIN sync signals (not MIDI clock).

It passes on any messages that arrive at the MIDI In port.

The MIDI Out port does not pass on MIDI clock and “transport” messages received at the MIDI In port. You can set the AR to both receive and transmit these messages, which should have about the same effect.

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Thanks for your help, but I’m still a little confused.

I know for sure Output A send Clock and Transport from the Rytm

Can I play some notes from a keyboard into the MIDI input and have them pass through MIDI Out A while also outputting clock and transport?