Thru track triggers not stored

It happens a lot, and wish there was a fix for it…very annoying.
It’s very random also…
Or am I the only one having this ?

What is you OS ?
I never lost any trig in 3 years.


Latest OS. mk1
Happens very random when I fire up the octatrack the next day,sometimes I miss sound from my drumcomputer going into a thru track, only to realize the first trigger is gone.

Surprising. Always hard to check random issues.
Maybe you can try with 2 trigs, to check if you have a faulty trig.
What if you reload the saved project ?

Could it be that the last time you used it the thru had been trigged on another pattern and remained ‘open’ when you switched to the pattern you’re trying to use when you next power up.


Could be, but why does the first trigger appear not lit, when it should.
I’m having this since I got the octa 1,5 years ago.
Only on thru tracks.

Don’t know what to say except place several trigs, and make a video each time you use OT…

I had a bizzare trig issue yesterday. I was playing in things using the track trigs and live recording but recorded trigs wouldn’t play back, but if I turned the machine off and on again it would play normally. Weird stuff